Good Will Hunting came out 19 years ago this week. That was the beginning of Matt and Ben. Damon and Affleck. And all the hysteria that followed and now the nostalgia that’s replaced it. Will there be some kind of 20 year anniversary celebration next year? Matt and Ben stepped out together and got papped yesterday in LA. Their show, Incorporated, which they produced together, premieres on Syfy today. Coincidence or conspiracy? I mean, every outlet that’s published these pictures that I’ve seen has mentioned Incorporated and it’s not like there would have been that many Google hits on Incorporated today if not for these images. Look, I’ve just mentioned Incorporated three times, now four. You’re welcome Matt and Ben. Or, rather, thank you Matt and Ben for giving us new photos of yourselves. That’s always how the celebrity relationship works. THEY’re the ones doing YOU the favour.

Anyway, in addition to Incorporated, Ben’s also getting ready for the release of Live By Night. The film is opening (limited) on Christmas Day before going wide in January to qualify for awards consideration. As Sarah mentioned in the previous post about Casey Affleck, this showed up on Twitter yesterday:

Now that’s just one critic’s opinion and complete reviews seem to be embargoed so far but there’s another critic who comments on that thread and while he doesn’t openly concur with the assessment, his comment “all below the line” is tacit agreement. And it calls back to Variety’s article on Live By Night after it screened a couple of weeks ago, with focus on the film’s “crafts” and practically no mention of the merit of the storytelling or the acting so…

So… I’m curious. SO curious now. Really, really, REALLY want to know what we’re dealing with here. And especially since his brother is currently the frontrunner for Best Actor. Ben has Oscars but he’s never been anywhere near the acting categories. Which, as an actor, it’s not like, you know, he’s never thought about it.