Ben Affleck shooting his movie The Town with the impossibly charming Rebecca Hall and Photo Assumption says he’s happy. He’s in great spirits. He’s also in character. It’s called acting.

But you know it won’t be long before Life & Style goes for a run with this one.

Ben and Taupe try to front like they don’t want to be photographed. So when they are photographed they look all morose and crusty. Juxtapose those pictures with the ones of Ben on set with two young attractive actresses Blake Lively and Rebecca Hall, and remember the rumours about how he once was and Taupe being a taupe tightass, and when he’s on set it’s a totally different vibe…

Here we go. How long you think it’ll take?

For the record, for what it’s worth from what I’ve heard, although living with Taupe isn’t exactly minute to minute excitement – oh rats! – Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are solid.

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