Ben Affleck is back in Atlanta to spend time with his children who are there with Jennifer Garner. Yesterday he was seen wearing his ring with the family’s new puppy, adopted in May, a golden retriever. A source told PEOPLE that the puppy is a sign that Ben and Jen are “working together to raise the kids and be in a kind relationship”. Yes. Thanks for showing us while we’re distracted by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

US Weekly reports that the puppy was adopted in May, before they announced that it was over. According to the magazine, Ben and Jen had their two daughters with them that day. Here’s how an eyewitness says it all went down:

Affleck scowled at Garner when she encouraged their daughters to play with a litter of golden retriever puppies. The actor also was rude to a female volunteer. "Ben was really short with her, like, 'Yeah, whatever,'" an eyewitness told Us at the time of Affleck's demeanor. Despite the tense family outing, the couple got their daughters a new puppy.

If you’ve ever been around puppies, you know it’s impossible to scowl when you’re around them. I don’t care if your heart’s been dipped in acid, there is no scowling around puppies. Who scowls around puppies? Well, apparently Ben Affleck.