Here’s what I wrote in the intro to the site last Thursday:

“...curiously enough, the prom king hasn’t been seen with his kids since Sunday. Coincidence or conspiracy? Maybe he’ll emerge on the weekend out of obligation, just so it won’t seem so obvious.”

For weeks now, at least twice a week, if not more, we’ve seen Ben Affleck out with his children, papped, obviously, leading up to the Oscars. He won his Oscar last Sunday. Several days go by and no Ben with Violet, Seraphina, or Samuel. Then he emerged on Friday at the Brentwood Country Mart and allegedly tried to kick a photographer. Ben insists he wasn’t trying to kick. He claims he was simply demonstrating to the paps the distance they should be maintaining between him and his kid.


We go weeks and weeks and weeks of constant papping with no incident of kicking or demonstrating and now, only now that he has his Oscar, is he bothering to role play the acceptable celebrity to photographer space ratio?

And we’re supposed to side with him? Because the paps are always big and bad and sh-tty and let’s protect the babies, the babies are ON FIRE!!! 


He doesn’t seem to have a problem using his babies when his babies are helping him win awards. Then again, this is celebrity entitlement at work. Enough sh-tting on Anne Hathaway. How about sh-tting on Ben Affleck? For getting up there on the Oscar stage and referring to his time as a millionaire dating Jennifer Lopez as his “knocked down” period and having the courage to always get back up from defeat...

The defeat of being really, really rich but not being able to secure an acting job that would just make him even more rich...

And for shamelessly white picket fence campaigning for months, trotting out his kids, not seeming to mind the paparazzi at all, and only now, when he no longer needs them, sanctimoniously preaching about his right to privacy. If they really wanted to stop the paps from taking pictures of the children, they’d address the income source.

It’s not the blogs that pay top dollar for celebrity baby photos. It’s the major magazines. Like PEOPLE. Right now, on, there are photos of Katie Holmes and Suri and Charlize Theron and Jackson in the latest photo gallery. Pap shots. PEOPLE also has a Celebrity Baby Blog section on its site FULL of pap shots of celebrities with their babies, and it’s one of the most lucrative sections of its online presence. Celebrities are regularly being interviewed by PEOPLE for the moms & babies page. The Afflecks make frequent appearances there. And they allow access to PEOPLE for comments and coverage all the time. Because with PEOPLE they can control the editorial. Which is what it all amounts to: not the images themselves, but their ability to write the message that goes along with it. And we’re the chumps who have to eat that sh-t and pretend it tastes great.