Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went for back massages together yesterday. Maybe not Ben’s most attractive sighting. Check the way he’s getting out the car. That’s a pretty un-sexy dismount, right there. It’s a half squat. With turned out feet. Yeah, not sexy. And what happens when he bends down isn’t cute either. But you can hardly blame him. Look, he appears to be experiencing some discomfort, back pain.

Oh, well, did he hurt his back?

If so, what do you think he’s taking for it? Just Robax, I’m sure, ahem. Nothing stronger, hell no, f-ck no.

Henry Cavill’s already been in Chicago a couple of weeks getting ready to start on Batman vs Superman. Um, right now it doesn’t look like much of a fight. But Sarah and I were talking about this last night over dinner: it’s like…Ben Affleck just can’t get over Daredevil. And in his desperation to try to make up for it, I don’t know if he’s going for the right choices. Besides, doesn’t DIRECTING AND PRODUCING AN OSCAR-winning movie even the score. No, actually. And never.

They’ll always want more and …ALL of it.