Remember Taupe Garner’s interview with Parade? When she revealed that Ben Affleck courted her via email?

Well, Ben was at Sundance the other day promoting The Company Men and was asked about Garner’s quote at which point he turned into a sulky little bitch and basically embarrassed his wife on television, not so subtly admonishing her for revealing their romantic secrets.

"I do write e-mails to my wife, that is true. Sounds like the kind of thing that my wife was looking for something to say in the interview ... and that's what she came up with. So, thanks for that, because now here I am, doing another interview and then they ask me about that. So, thank you honey."

Maybe I’m not reading it the way he intended it. Maybe it was a lighter delivery. Maybe he was joking. Well, I’ve watched the video too. He seemed tense. Jaw flexed. And he’s not that great of an actor to front otherwise. Click here to see.

Look, I get it that he supposedly wants privacy, especially after his very unprivate, disastrous relationship with Jennifer Lopez which nearly killed his career. I get it.

But Garner is promoting a film called VALENTINE’s DAY. And we don’t live in a vacuum. And with promotion comes a certain level of celebrity sellout. This is why they’re millionaires and can afford NOT TO WORK FOR MONTHS AT A TIME. This is why they have a platform. There is an exchange for that kind of privilege. THAT, mother-cker, is what we call life.

It’s a sh-tty thing he did to his wife. There were several other ways he could have answered the question. Instead, he chose to point out the fact that his wife spoke out of turn, that HE was suffering the consequence, and therefore had every right to rebuke her in front of an audience.

She also said he was kind...


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