Fresh off a family holiday to Hawaii, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their daughter Violet for frozen yoghurt in Santa Monica yesterday. That kid always seems so happy. I like her. Her father on the other hand didn’t seem to be in a great mood, obviously protesting the presence of the paps.

Yeah, the paps can be a nuisance, I suppose. But the paps can also help turn a career around. He’s a solid director, sure. But the idea of Ben Affleck as faithful and committed father and husband would have been laughable not too long ago.

Also, sometimes you need to build up some favourable cash in the bank, just in case there’s a major crash. Good daddy family photos are valuable assets in the public opinion savings account. And it’s easy to save in LA. Photographers are everywhere if you want them be.

And… for people who live in Vancouver anyway… the mention of Ben Affleck and the word “finger” doesn’t usually associate with flipping off. What we remember is Brandi’s, a local peeler bar, where Affleck is alleged to have, um, partied manually, so to speak, while engaged to Jennifer Lopez.

Those days are supposedly long gone. And pictures like these? They only reinforce the new and improved well behaved Ben.

By the way, now that The Town is available for home viewing, notice how all the gangster hoodlums in the movie roll around in track suits most of the time? This is Jacek.

(Jacek: I do not wear track suits. I wear Under Armour sweat tops and pants. It's the best everyday wear. It's high quality sh-t too, while we're at it here.)

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