Deadline is reporting that Ben Affleck is currently the top choice to play Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s 3D interpretation of The Great Gatsby.

Like it or don’t like it?

Well, Tom is a smug bastard. Ben can definitely do smug bastard. I can see that. Tom is kinda like the prom king of East Egg. I can see that too. And of course Tom is the manipulative, unfaithful, vindictive son of a bitch spoiled privileged old money prick who, somehow, in these stories, always wins in the end. Errr… no comment.

I mean on paper, I get it.

I just…

Sometimes have a problem with the Affleck acting. Sometimes it’s really bad.

Having said that, Affleck as Tom going head to head with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby? I like it a lot.

Anyway, I just searched the latest pictures of Ben Affleck on the photo database and came up with these. He was in Turkey earlier this week. Apparently he’ll be directing his next film Argo there. He also reportedly bought a rug from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul for $220K. Something for the wife?

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