Remember when some Teen Wolf actor tried to convince people that he could be Batman? Click here for a refresher. It makes that guy look even worse now. Because, well, they were obviously aiming a lot higher. Two weeks ago The Hollywood Reporter put out a long list that included Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin. Click here for a refresher. No, that didn’t come close either. And clearly they did not consider Wes Bentley, because, well, this Dark Knight isn’t dark anymore. Sarah will have more on the change in tone and direction of the franchise so I’m here now to talk about …well…

Why Ben Affleck?


Why, Ben Affleck?

Well, Ben Affleck is Warner Bros’ #1 homeboy. The studio has a few of them – Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and they do like Gosling too but Ben, Ben’s the prodigal son. You remember many years ago that movie called The Pallbearer with Gwyneth Paltrow and David Schwimmer? It was terrible. But G reportedly only agreed to do that film for Harvey Weinstein in exchange for Emma, which was delightful. When I first heard about Affleck being cast at Batman last night, I wondered if it was a similar arrangement – not necessarily Batman for Gone Girl but, say, Batman for a movie he wants to direct/produce down the road. Like, you make stupid money for us as Bruce Wayne and we’ll give you a little money for your passion project, deal? What else could it be? After all, professionally, how is this a good move? Or even a necessary move?


He’s established himself as a very talented director.

It’s not like he’s poor.

It’s not like, if he bothered to call up George Clooney and ask him for advice, George would have said “go for it, man!” Clooney’s the one with a photo of himself as Batman on the wall in his office to remind himself to never again do something just for the cash.

Then again, where celebrities are concerned, and we see this over and over and over again, it’s never enough. Perhaps it’s not enough now for Ben because, well, he’s conquered the Academy, twice, but he’s never been able to conquer the superhero. Is it ego or simply boyhood wish fulfillment?

That’s pretty much Ben Affleck though, you know? He’s demonstrated this over and over again personally and professionally – for every one of his smart decisions, there’s a very bad, very stupid decision waiting to happen. This is why Ben Affleck is so Good For Gossip. Because no matter how well he’s doing, you always get the sense that the guy who once kissed JLO’s ass on a yacht – that guy? – he’s just been waiting for his moment. Ben Affleck can’t help himself.