Ben Affleck stepped out yesterday. Some photo agencies are saying he was leaving the therapist’s. Gives me a great excuse to write about how he’s going to heal his latest cycle of shame. Sarah posted in the previous article about Warner Bros’ plans and that there’s been talk about a Ben Affleck-directed Batman movie. Zack Snyder was just asked about it and he said he’s been asking Ben to do it since he’s apparently written a script.

As I’ve mentioned several times already, with Ben Affleck, it seems like he lives on a loop. When he gets to the top, he’s compelled to self-sabotage, and when he’s back at the bottom, he’s motivated to climb back up. After so many rounds of this, you begin to wonder whether or not it could possibly be accidental. Batman v Superman had a big opening, despite sh-tty reviews. (Could you SEE anything in the movie? It was so f-cking dark I was squinting the entire time – why do they have to make movies like this?!?) As Sarah reported earlier this week, the box office has dropped off significantly. But Ben was embarrassed even before all that. He knows good film. He knows bad film. He knew this was not a good film. Just like he knew Daredevil wasn’t a good film. So now that’s TWO superhero films he’s been in and not that happy with. There it is then, the built-in challenge behind all his stumbles.

Ben Affleck finds himself in a situation where he could write and direct a definitive Batman movie, on top of having already directed an Oscar-winning movie. And if that happens it’s more than redemption, it’ll be a coronation. Until, you know, he decides to f-ck it all up again.

By the way, I didn’t notice in these pictures from Sarah’s post the other day but it looks like he’s vaping now. From my experience having now gossiped about him for 20 years, when Ben tries to quit smoking, it usually means he’s on the upswing of the cycle.