Ben Affleck can’t seem to find a shirt that fits him right now. They’re either too small or, as you can see here in these new shots from yesterday, too big. As you can also see, he’s not wearing his wedding ring. And US Weekly has an update about that. We kept hearing about how he and Jennifer Garner were still going with their rings for the sake of their kids. Now sources are telling the magazine that the rings are gone for good and that they’re “ready to move on”.

And move out?

Remember when the divorce was initially announced they tried to tell us that they were consciously uncoupled, like Gwyneth and Chris Martin, and that the situation was so amicable, Ben would continue living on the family property? Then Chrissy O happened. Now PEOPLE is reporting that Jen is “rethinking their living situation”. Oh come on. Like that was ever going to work, even if it’s what they both really wanted which… did you ever believe that that’s what they both really wanted? Did you ever believe that bullsh-t they tried to sell that they’d been separated for 10 months before the official confirmation that they were over? You can’t put a pretty bow on a box of lies. Besides, do you really think Ben wants to be bringing home his strange when his kids are a few yards away?

Speaking of strange…

No sightings of Chrissy O in two or three days. She and Ben don’t often get papped in LA on the same day unless she’s delivering champagne with a smile to his house. Coincidence or conspiracy?