It’s a time of giving. And giving back.

Eric Bana took time out to support the Youth Off The Streets project in Australia, not unlike what we do at Covenant House Vancouver. And with Vancouver weather suddenly less temperate than usual, our kids are colder, hungrier, and more in need than ever. We’re volunteering tomorrow afternoon at the shelter – call them to find out how you can help too!

Back to Bana, as you know, he’s not one for my loins. Something about his lips. But he looks great in this shirt. And the salt and pepper is working too. Bana is a devoted family man, stays out of the spotlight, but also manages to get great scripts. I worry though about The Time Traveller’s Wife. Was originally scheduled to be released now, it’s been pushed back indefinitely…sometimes not a good sign. Have heard production is taking a while. And the studio is now apparently priming it for festival season in 2009. Hopefully they didn’t mess it up.

Speaking of thin lips…

Ben Affleck spoke at the UNHCR’s Gimme Shelter Annual Christmas Benefit yesterday alongside human rights activist Rose Mapendo. Ben has been very socially involved lately and has even released a short film for the Gimme Shelter campaign to raise awareness for the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You’ll recall he travelled there in November for a few days… the film is below.

Cynics are remarking that Ben’s recent activism relates to future political aspirations and that he and Jennifer Garner have committed to a longterm plan to make that happen. Whatever his motivations though, he could do a lot wors but… just to keep it smutty… he looks like he needs to moisturise. I hate the way his lips have to strain so hard to simply stretch across his mouth.

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