I’m telling you, that’s why the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants the first time, in Phoenix. They were undefeated that season. And...Tom Brady CUT HIS HAIR for the only game that mattered!

Ben Affleck wasn’t so stupid. He kept a playoff beard going through award season and, well, as we know, it worked. After the Oscars, the Afflecks made a quick appearance at Vanity Fair and then went on to a more exclusive gathering hosted by George Clooney at Craig’s where, according to US Weekly, encouraged by his wife, Jennifer Garner, who actually brought the clippers to the party with her, he shaved it off.

Instead of finding a recent photos of Ben clean-shaven, I’m attaching photos, for Gossip Nostalgia, from 1998, when he won his first Oscar with Matt Damon and he said of that time as he was on stage on Sunday that “I had no idea what I was doing, I was really just a kid”.

Well, 15 years later, Ben Affleck now has TWO Oscars. Thanks, in no small part, to his wife. So if she wanted him to get rid of the facial hair, it’s the least he could do.

And then they celebrated with Clooney’s crew and Clooney’s tequila, Casamigos. According to US, “things got ‘rowdy’ with Clooney, Affleck and other revelers downing shots of Casamigos tequila, Clooney and pal Rande Gerber's brand”.

Ben’s publicist might want to correct that detail though. Didn’t he go to rehab for alcohol addiction?