Here are some brand new shots of Ben Affleck today in LA, looking like hell, but actually smiling at the paps. And he’s actually talking to them too. See video below.

Is it because Chrissy O is missing? It’s now been almost 2 weeks since we’ve seen her, conveniently just as Ben returned to LA with the kids, followed by Jennifer Garner a few days later. When they were in Atlanta, Chrissy O…well…you saw Chrissy O.

She was giving treats to the paps. She was going to the gym. The paps were able to find her wherever she took her drop top Lexi. And now, conveniently, now that Ben and Jen are back…no more Chrissy O. Where are you Chrissy O? Who paid for it, Chrissy O?

While Ben’s showing his relief though, his boy Tom Brady can’t shake the heat. He still doesn’t know if he’ll be playing the season opener. Everyone’s rumouring that he’s been a dick to Gisele for months. There are reports that she “consulted with a divorce lawyer”. And all that heat wouldn’t have been transferred to him if not for Ben Affleck Is The Fool and his former nanny showing up on a private plane.

What’s the “bro” protocol for when sh-t like this goes down? If you’re Ben, do you send QB1 a grovelling text to apologise? If you’re Tom, do you sideline Ben for an indefinite period of time…? Or until you can both go to Vegas, free and clear, together?