Explains why Taupe Jennifer Garner is so taupe. Turns out she was storing. Saving up everything interesting, all personality and charisma, for her daughter Violet. Violet is not Taupe. Even from the pictures you can see it: Violet is spicy. Violet is my favourite. Have always said that Violet is my favourite.

And this story told by her father Ben totally cements it.

Ben Affleck is on press circuit right now for State of Play. Last night he popped in to visit Leno.

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Why do I like her?

Because she’s not my kid. So entertaining, totally adorable, and I don’t have to clean up the mess. Or apologise for the mess. While we’re at it though, even though you’ll be mad at me for saying it, if they can offer “family” restaurants these days, why can’t they offer “family” flights? I would pay more for the non-family option. I am willing.

Anyway, Ben will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. They kiss. And they also talk about Matt Damon.