The BAFTAs are happening on Sunday. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE SAME DAY AS THE GRAMMYS?!?! And it’s Chinese New Year on Sunday. So Monday will be busy here. But I might be a bit slow getting going because of the celebrations.

Anyway, Ben Affleck’s Argo has been nominated for the BAFTA Best Film and Best Director. It’s the last major event before the biggest event, the Oscars. Most of them make it to the BAFTAs. And, as you know, Ben has been making it to everything this season, campaigning harder than almost everyone else. Will it be one Affleck at the BAFTAs or two Afflecks at the BAFTAs? Jennifer Garner has joined Ben for a united front at nearly every stop along the way to the Dolby Theatre.

Here they are today with daughter Seraphina, happy family out for breakfast. As for Argo -- I was on iTunes the other day to see about movie releases and saw that Argo was available for early bird download, or whatever it is that they call advance access; the DVD comes out in a couple of weeks, just 5 days before the Oscars. This is the cover. And while he may not have had a lot to do with designing the cover, it’s not like he, um, didn’t love himself a little too much with his camera in the film.

I’ve seen Argo twice. I like it a LOT. It’s great. It’s not as great -- in my opinion -- as The Town, but it belongs in contention, no doubt. On second viewing though, it becomes a lot more obvious the times Ben kinda...lingers on himself in certain scenes. And I don’t mean the part when he’s in the shower (yes, that too) but there are several other occasions too, notably once in the boardroom when they’re brainstorming exit strategies and Ben’s in “deep-think” mode, where he gives the viewer several long seconds to admire his perfect nose, his strong jaw hidden under the beard, and those warm brown eyes. There’s a little Beyonce in Ben Affleck too.

PS. He looks really good in these pants.