Ben Affleck showed off a new buzz cut yesterday in Congo, his fourth trip to the country in a year, to raise awareness about the refugees, 300,000 of them, displaced by conflict in the country.

"The primary reason I am here is to urge people to give money to the NGOs and charities doing hard work in eastern Congo on meager funds. And if people out there have an existing relationship with a charity, to urge that charity to get involved in eastern Congo. To let people know, 'Don't just read the horror stories in the newspapers and turn off.'"

To read more about Ben’s mission, click here.

Not clear if Ben’s haircut is for a film or just because. I kinda like it. You?

Last week Armageddon was on TV. Holy sh-t I forgot what a quivering beast he used to be. Remember him in his orange spacesuit pants running towards Liv Tyler? And his body? And how his bad acting was muffled in a bad movie making it that much less prominent? What happened to Ben’s hot? Is it still there, underneath all that taupe?

By the way, after Armaggedon, there were rumours that Liv Tyler and Bruce Willis hooked up. Ew!