Ben Affleck let us see him kiss his wife on a red carpet last night. It must be Oscar time. And they say he’s good for several nominations. With a lot of studio money behind him, at this point it’s almost a guarantee. I mean, Ben would have to f-ck up hard to not be at the Dolby in February, especially with Jennifer Garner playing Michelle Obama at his side. Oh and George Clooney too.

Clooney will get his own article coming up later but right now, as a producer on Argo, Ben’s his boy, and since he doesn’t have any projects of his own to campaign for this year, all of his Oscar efforts will be behind Argo and Ben. This might actually be the first time they’ve ever been photographed together publicly. I mean there may be a shot of them at a party somewhere on someone’s iPhone but at a proper event, side by side, with publicity cameras going off, I can’t remember this happening before. It’s always been Matt and George. And speaking of Matt, once the awards race really heats up, he will no doubt come out and do some glad-handing for his best friend too. Between the cash and the A list supporters and the happy marriage and the right number of kids, Ben Affleck seems like the perfect candidate.

PS. Hate Garner’s dress so much. It’s red, which never helps. And it’s Monique Lhuillier which explains why it looks so cheap. Lhuillier to me has always been glorified prom and, in this case, given her role here, totally makes sense -- a good, safe political choice, the kind of dress PEOPLE Magazine subscribers would choose for themselves.