We’re going three in a row with Gwyneth Paltrow exes…

Last week I posted these shots of Ben Affleck hosting a Netflix screening for Beasts Of No Nation:

Some of you had a hard time believing it was him. Without the beard, Ben’s Karma Face is, well, it’s a lot of face. So here he is yesterday after taking his daughter to church. It’s growing back. This is a good decision, from a man known for some spectacularly bad decisions.

On that note… it’s been over a month now that Chrissy O has turned down the volume. She was seen about a week ago in LA visiting a friend, but no one picked up on those photos, either because no one cares anymore (unlikely) or because someone told them not to care anymore in exchange for, well, you know, you see. Ben Affleck at the farmers market. Ben Affleck at church. Ben Affleck not complaining.