PEOPLE posted an exclusive on Ben Affleck last night. This was the first line of the article:

Things are starting to look up for Ben Affleck.

Basically the entire article is about how Ben looks happier because his family makes him happy. A source tells PEOPLE that:

"His family is all he cares about. This is what makes him happy and it makes sense that he looks happier. He enjoys the time with his family and that includes Jen. They are still working hard at this."

As you saw on this blog yesterday, Ben and Jen took the kids to church and the farmers market on the weekend – click here for a refresher. Church and the farmers market? It’s a MiniVan Majority-approved Sunday itinerary. You know what though? Don’t go thinking that he’s complacent, OK? Because he isn’t.

"It's still really hard and every day Ben's learning new positive ways to cope and that goes on both sides. He's just focused on his family. They had to take a step away from each other at first and now they are coming back together and you have to find your footing first and then move forward.”

You couldn’t script a better “source” quote, could you?

What is the play, and what is my part?!

Right now the play is devoted father and cooperative, thoughtful, and generous ex-husband…especially now that Chrissy O has been disappeared. Where is she, Chrissy O? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. I do know, however, that between him and his best friend Matt Damon, he’s not the one eating sh-t today, for a change. Here’s my takeaway from Project Greenlight so far. Holy sh-t Ben Affleck has good hair.