You’ve heard about all of Ben Affleck’s gambling. Allegedly getting banned from casinos in Vegas, then in Detroit, during off-time from shooting Batman vs Superman, he’s been seen at the local casino in Windsor, looking rough, and at the tables for hours.

Now PEOPLE is addressing the rumours. In an article posted last night, the magazine doesn’t dispute that Ben’s been spending his time at the tables but stresses that these habits are not affecting his marriage. Citing sources “close” to the Affleck family, Ben has the enduring support of Jennifer Garner, the “most patient wife ever”:

"She never understood his gambling obsession and she doesn't want him to be in the news [for it]. [But] she's the most patient wife ever and is still very much in love with Ben."

So they make her look good. Now it’s time to make him look good.

Check out these photos – Ben at Barneys last weekend with daughter Seraphina on his shoulders. Why was he there? Thanks to PEOPLE, we’re finding out that he was there because it’s his 9th anniversary next week and he was picking out diamonds for his wife. Of course he was. Because that’s where you go for diamonds when you’re Ben Affleck – not a private jeweller, not Neil Lane…but an upscale department store where the paps just happened to be hanging out.

And another source tells PEOPLE all about the visit:

"Ben was very cute with his daughter and carried her around so she could look at all the jewelry. She especially liked jewelry with diamonds and wanted her mom to have diamonds. She was definitely in charge of the purchase, and Ben let her take her time. She was very sweet and happy about being out with her dad. She wanted to hold the (gift) bag and Ben laughed and said no. He carried her out of the store on his shoulders and she kept laughing."

Practically Kardashian levels of obviousness here.