Ben Affleck has been all over New York promoting Gone Girl, opening this weekend. I was just making plans to see Gone Girl on Friday with my cousin Cat and her husband who’s celebrating a birthday. All depends on how it goes when they cut my lip open and take out my cyst-mole that afternoon. It’s swelling and it’s stitches. And even still, I would still go out in public with a mangled mouth, that’s how much I want to see it.


Do we really need more incentive?

Like Ben Affleck’s dick?

There’s been a lot of talk about Ben Affleck’s dick the last couple of days. There’s a shot of it in the movie. So if you didn’t want to see the movie, maybe you’ll want to see it now since BEN AFFLECK’s DICK makes an appearance. When did Gone Girl become Magic Mike?

Then again, Adam Sandler still has a career. And Transformers is still a thing. So maybe we should take some responsibility for why they keep talking down to us.

PS. I’m digging Ben’s superhero hair swirl right now. You?