I"m sitting here watching "my name is earl" (gotta love jason lee) and Christine Taylor (aka. Mrs. Ben Stiller) is guest starring as a college professer. And let me tell you, I barely recognize her. She has gotten SO much skinnier, it"s kind of shocking. She was always a thin actress but her face is looking gaunt-ish. i wish i could find a picture of her from recent because this is surprising. But just wanted to get your opinion. Dear Becca, You’re not the only one who’s noticed. And if Mrs Stiller was a bigger star, she’d certainly get much more tabloid space for her alarming post-pregnancy weight loss. Both times. No joke, Christine loses the baby weight in, like, less than 2 weeks. Very suspect and perhaps a tragic play for attention. What’s even more pathetic though is that no one really gives a sh*t. Poor thing. Thank Goddess she married well, non?