If you’re not covering every possible Michael Jackson burial scenario it’s a slow day in gossip. So why not stay on the topic of hair?

Will has no hair. Ben Stiller has too much in the wrong places. Is he preparing for a movie role? Apparently he has 4 projects lined up in 2010 and he just finished a flick called ‘The Marc Pease Experience’. Whatever it is, he needs to cut it.

I know it might be thin and I can relate. I used to think my hair was thin-proof until about 3 years ago when I made a horrific discovery in a bathroom mirror. Pot lights overhead. Wrong angle. Glare. Brrr. Can’t talk about it. But is it worth having the compensation look like some kind of straw helmet?

Here’s Ben and wife Christine Taylor in Paris earlier today. Looking a bit like the smelly old guy down the hall, no?

Posted by Jacek
Photos from INFDaily.com