Benedict Cumberbatch and fiancée Sophie Hunter (in Erdem) attended the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards together last night. Of course he’d be there. Because even though he’s been hustling his balls off for an Oscar, that voice was meant for the stage, don’t you know? And he’s to be Hamlet soon. And Hamlet might be why he can’t be Dr Strange. Because Shakespeare > Stan Lee. Well, OK. Who’s going to argue that?

Still, it’s not like showing up was totally altruistic. There are the BAFTAs to consider. And he has the edge on Michael Keaton there, though I wouldn’t count out Eddie Redmayne who was also there, also with his fiancée, also a presenter.

Cumberbatch definitely had a celebrity connection advantage on the night though. Or at least he took more advantage of his. Check him out with good friend Tom Hiddleston. And they hung out – awkwardly spaced – with Anna Wintour (in a pair of ugly grandmother slippers) and Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, oh and while Cumberbatch was up on stage presenting to Tom Stoppard, Sophie was seated beside Tom Ford.

Right now, no one wants it more than Benedict Cumberbatch.

The New York Film Critics Circle announces its list today. Cumberbatch’s The Imitation Game is enjoying a very strong box office, better so far than Michael Keaton’s Birdman. Today could be a big boost for his chances if New York goes in his favour. Then again, New York seemed to LOVE Birdman. I’ll update on this later.