I’ve not yet started watching Parade’s End yet. I know! F-cking award season, right? But my travel slows down in a week or so and in between having a nervous breakdown over my deadlines, Parade’s End will be my jam, I promise, and I will probably love it, which will make me hate Downton Abbey even more, and I do really love to hate Downton Abbey.

Another reason I can’t wait to start on Parade’s End? Not Benedict Cumberbatch, God no, but Tom Stoppard. Here are Cumberbatch and co-star Rebecca Hall, with writer Tom Stoppard, in London last night at the Broadcast Press Guild Television and Radio Awards. You remember when I wrote a few weeks ago about revisionist Oscar history? Click here for a refresher. YES Shakespeare In Love was better than Saving Private Ryan. Screenplay for screenplay, scene for scene, actor for actor, YES Shakespeare in Love DESERVED to win the Oscar over Saving Private Ryan. And I stand by my position -- that the only reason 99% of you don’t agree is because of war respect + Gwyneth Paltrow hate.

If you consider what Stoppard did -- integrating Shakespeare’s biography with Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night and Elizabeth I and creating a totally original story... with such beautiful words and flow...

How are you not smashing your head against the wall in amazement? It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous film, written by a brilliant, brilliant writer...seemingly with all the crazy genius that often accompanies brilliant writers. Look at him, Tom Stoppard, and all those expressions, and can’t you imagine him, chaining off cigarette after cigarette, pulling on his hair, surrounded by pages, ink all over his hands...except he would never be so prosaic, rely on such trite obvious observations -- the difference between a proper playwright and a lowly blogger.