Oh noes…

How are you over there Cumber-crazies? You OK with this wakeup call?

A notice of engagement appeared in The Times today. Very subtle. Very classy. Very Cumberbatchy. Very fitting of someone called Benedict Cumberbatch. This might be my favourite thing about Benedict Cumberbatch – the way he announced that he’s to marry Sophie Hunter. The Daily Mail says he flew to Edinburgh to formally ask her mother for permission which they only reported AFTER seeing the listing in the paper. No matter. Whatever happened, however it happened, the fact is he’s committed to a woman and the woman doesn’t live on the internet listening to the sound of his voice making dragon sounds over and over and over again.

Benedict and Sophie are rarely seen together, by choice. She avoids the spotlight and the scrutiny from his ardent fans. She prefers to enjoy his “yummy-ness” and his champion finger-banging in private. Now, however, just as he’s about to go into a months-long Oscar campaign, does she join him on the circuit? Strategically is that a good move or a bad move?

Probably not a bad move at all. As Sarah has pointed out on several occasions, Benedict Cumberbatch is “internet famous”. He’s “internet famous” because that’s where Sherlock lovers get together to share fan fiction and walrus appreciation. Or is it an otter? Don’t make me google this. Of course those in the industry are aware of his talent and he’s certainly not hurting for work – good work – but it’s always a solid play to give them another angle to sell, another story to write. Serious actor, with super horny cult following, now planning a wedding – will it be a proper English wedding, will it be a theatre wedding, will it be an elopement?

This is a positive development for him, both personally and professionally, Batchies. Celebrate with him!