Benedict Cumberbatch and fiancée Sophie Hunter were in Palm Springs this weekend campaigning for The Imitation Game. They were also photographed at LAX on Sunday. People are saying she’s pregnant. Because her dress isn’t tight and she’s holding her clutch at the waist. Is that all it takes? Because if so I’ve been pregnant for years, continuously.

But the timing is indeed interesting. We went from unconfirmed reports of them dating to a surprise engagement and then, oh look, she’s on red carpets with him during Oscar season. And now… a possible baby. So is that what we’ll be seeing at the Dolby Theatre on February 22nd? A ring and a bump? Harvey Weinstein couldn’t have imagined it working out any better. We always knew Harvey was Oscar-ambitious. Did you expect Benedict Cumberbatch would be sooooooooo hungry for it? He’s like the Jennifer Aniston of the men’s side.

Also, just me or are Benedict and Sophie starting to look the same? They could be related.