Sophie Hunter accompanied Benedict Cumberbatch last night at the NY premiere of The Imitation Game. Just yesterday on Good Morning America he was not very forthcoming with questions about his engagement. And then, come night, there she is. Their very first official public appearance after the proposal…

And right in the heat of a Best Actor Oscar race.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

He might say, well, I just want to be with the woman I’m going to marry. Harvey Weinstein might say everyone is talking about it, let’s keep the conversation going, let’s continue to bring attention to your profile, let’s build your recognition factor, let’s start harvesting those votes.

Come on. Don’t tell me there was no strategy here.

As I wrote yesterday following the Hollywood Film Awards – click here for a refresher – Cumberbatch is “in it to win it”. He wants the Oscars. He seems to be willing to play the game to get it.