Who isn’t? Everyone loves Matt Damon.

Speaking to Vulture about his Emmy nomination (for the HBO/BBC miniseries Parade’s End), Benedict Cumberbatch confessed he’s got a big ole man-crush on fellow nominee Matt Damon. He calls him “Matt”, imagines having a dinner party with him, and teases the journalist about passing along a message about what a big fan he is, which is pretty much what we all do with celebrities we really like, right? Fanboying all over Matt Damon is the most accessible Cumberbatch has been in ages.

Someone needs to make this meeting happen, and then tape it for the betterment of the internet. If anyone would be down for making a silly video about two celebrities Twi-Harding out for one another, it’d be Matt Damon. Get on that, Jimmy Kimmel.

(Lainey: Cumberbatch mentions in the interview with Vulture, fresh off his Emmy nomination,  that he’ll be officiating a friend’s wedding in Ibiza this weekend. Here he is arriving at the airport. Please…I can’t look at him in shorts or capris or flip-flops anymore.)