That was the most excellent term Simon Pegg coined to describe the shivery feeling people get around Benedict Cumberbatch. It came up in this terrible interview, which is worth a watch for how thoroughly Pegg dominates it and how quick he is off the cuff. (I cannot wait for The World’s End.) The Star Trek cast has been killing it this week, with Pegg’s amazing interviews—fall down that Youtube hole and you won’t surface for a while—Cumberbatch and Chris Pine were on Graham Norton, and Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy turned up in this surprisingly funny Audi ad. 

Cumberbatch also made a solo stop at David Letterman yesterday, and, as he was on Graham Norton, he’s charming and debonair and witty—where is this in his print interviews? It’s like two totally different people. He should be Live Interview Benedict all the time. And check out the difference in crowd reactions on opposite sides of the pond. At Graham Norton he’s clearly the biggest get and gets a huge reception, at David Letterman the audience claps politely, like they don’t quite know who he is. Six months from now, that won’t be the case. Last night was also the New York premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, at which Cumberbatch looked very handsome (shut UP, Lainey, HE DID).

The screening situation for STID (God, that sounds like an infectious disease, doesn’t it?) is kind of bizarre, though. A lot of critics’ screenings were rescheduled to the day before the movie opens—it’s been bumped up one day to May 16—or cancelled altogether. Usually studios try to hide a movie like that when it sucks, but the early reviews for STID have been mostly positive; it’s currently rating 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. A Trekkie friend saw it and dug it, though she did think that purists might not like how classic plot points get subverted. So why the screening shuffle?

SECRETY SECRETS, of course. With JJ Abrams, what else could it be? There is some dicking around with the reviews—more than a few of the “fresh” reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are actually negative (sometime maybe we need to address the f*ckery that goes on there)—but there’s some concern about spoilers “ruining the experience”. I would like to point out that Iron Man 3 had a huge twist that no one spoiled, but at the JJ Abrams School of SECRETY SECRETS, trust is for twats.

Seriously, though, that suit. And the Sherlock hair. The Benedict Cumberbatch: Total Domination Tour is off to a very good start.