One of our producers had a seat in the bleachers this year, taking pictures and Instagram video as part of our social media team. This is the text she sent me around noon:

“I’m sitting with the MiniVan Majority.”

When Benedict Cumberbatch arrived, no one in her section of the bleachers knew who he was. This reminded me of Sarah’s position that Cumberbatch is “internet famous” but not next level famous. Like, he seems like a big deal to those of us who spend time online because the regular sites we go to keep covering him but that’s kind of a bubble, giving the illusion that he’s actually a bigger deal than he is. And to be a proper Movie Star, “internet famous” is not enough.

But he wore a beautiful suit. And his hair looked good. And it was very sweet how happy he was for Lupita. That might be what I like most about Benedict Cumberbatch then. That he was thrilled and moved for Lupita. Lupita finds the best in everyone.