I’ve had a very long week. Travel, business trip, long days, more travel. It’s a bit exhausting. But, as if sensing my need, my Five list has risen to the occasion and they’ve been getting photographed all week, from Timothy Olyphant to Jake G to RDJ  and his swoopy hair on a seemingly daily parade in Boston—even Idris Elba got photographed  twice in one week. And now Benedict Cumberbatch has made an appearance, attending Queen Elizabeth’s annual Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in a dapper blue suit.

I wonder about the dress code at this event. All the ladies from the Queen down seem to be in dresses and hats/fascinators, but some men are in top hats and tails while others, like Cumberbatch, are just in suits. Is it a rank thing? Are the royals required to wear morning dress while everyone else gets to “dress down” in comparison? And if so, why isn’t there a difference in the way the ladies dress? I need someone to explain this to me.

So, for those of us who enjoy The Batch, here he is at a fancy party, talking to fancy people, while looking fancy. Perfect way to end the week.