Last week I wrote about the consistent rumors dogging Benedict Cumberbatch and his possible involvement with Marvel. The emergent rumor is that he could be Ant Man, and I said—I thought I said—that Ant Man is a boring character with a stupid superpower, and that if Cumberbatch is going to go superhero, I hope it’s a more interesting character with cooler powers, like Dr. Strange. Apparently it came out as I HATE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, though, because I proceeded to get sh*t on by the Cumberbabes.

This is the part of being a fan that I have not and will not ever understand. I don’t get how liking an actor (or anything) translates into “I must love everything”. Increasingly though, you have to be 100% on board with absolutely everything about whatever it is you’re digging or else you’re a bad fan. Is it not enough for me to spend money on these people? That’s always been enough for me. It’s been enough to say—I like X, therefore I will go see movies/watch TV shows with X in it, buy magazines or tune into interviews featuring X, and that’s how I show my support. I didn’t know I also had to be blindly devoted to X, too.  

But I might not be the only bad Cumberbatch fan out there, because Sherlock somehow lost the Youtube Audience Award at the BAFTA TV awards on Sunday. Cumberbatch and Sherlock have very active (and vocal) online fans. How did they lose? I really don’t know. I do kind of get how he lost the Leading Actor award, though. That’s partly down to his odds being greatest for the final season and partly down to his, um, haughtiness. There’s really no other way to say it. And look, I like Cumberbatch for his haughtiness just like I like Tom Hiddleston for being a giant dork. That’s part of the package with him and I’m okay with it. Cumberbatch is insanely talented and he’s put in the work to realize his success so I’m okay with him having a healthy regard for his own accomplishments.

You’re going to yell at me, I know. I’m a bad fan, I get it. What I don’t get is the blind devotion part. My liking of Benedict Cumberbatch is never going to overcome how stupid I think Ant Man is (just like my Eternal Crush on Chris Evans hasn’t made me think Captain America is any less of a boring Boy Scout), or my suspicion that incidents like this probably aren’t endearing Cumberbatch to his peers.

(Lainey: I promised Sarah I would try to include only good shots of Cumby from the BAFTAs last night.  Um… I hope I succeded…? Also…should I start filing crazy Benedict Cumberbatch stories under the heading “Twilight”? It seems appropriate.)