I texted Lainey late last week about set photos from Star Trek 2: Star Trekkier that showed Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto filming a fight scene. Then she texted me last night and said that I could choose which photos to go with the post. And I was all, “It’s Christmas!” because I don’t pick the photos that go with the things that I write, which never bothers me, EXCEPT when it comes to the object of my Cumbercrush, because Lainey always picks the worst photos of him she can find. So I made an effort for the Cumberbabes out there to find the best photos of him for this post.

As I mentioned before, Cumberbatch working on a major Hollywood blockbuster is a big deal. His talent has a lot of people very excited. Of course he was in War Horse, which is certainly a major Hollywood film, but that was made on his turf, in England, and as an historical piece, it was very much in his wheelhouse. JJ Abrams and Star Trek, however, not so much his usual thing. Given the rumors about meetings at Marvel that have been swirling for months, I can’t help but think that how he’s received by the sci-fi crowd next summer will have an impact on whatever may be happening there (my money is still on Dr. Strange. Because obviously). I got emails with links to these photos, and this behind the scenes video, from multiple people in the last few days, all saying the same thing—Cumberbatch can fight?! And I was like, “DOES NO ONE WATCH SHERLOCK?!” But you see what I mean, about how he fares in Star Trek can make people see him differently.

As for spoilers—I don’t think this gives much away. It confirms that he’s playing the villain, which everyone already thought, and shows him beating down on Spock and squaring off with Zoe Saldana (I know I won’t spell her character’s name right). I’m down with watching Cumberbatch and Quinto work together—Quinto is a good actor and I feel like he’ll be able to hold his own—but I’ve seen Cumberbatch level lesser actors and the idea of him and Saldana trading dialogue makes me think of Godzilla rampaging in Tokyo. She’s a gorgeous person with superior alien DNA but don’t waste your breath explaining how she’s a good actress. I’ve seen Center Stage.

I had a really good time shopping for these photos. Enjoy! Or you know, just bugger off and leave me to my Cumberbubble (I’m looking at you, Lainey).

(Lainey: Also attached - photos of Cumberbatch on Oscar night.)