Immediately after wrapping filming on Doctor Strange in New York, Benedict Cumberbatch returned to London to begin work on series four of Sherlock. Here he is today filming as Sherlock, with the luscious curls and that fantastic coat, and this is how I best like my Batch. He always looks so Byronic done up as Sherlock. I’m sure Lainey will pull the most hideous photos available because she always does just to annoy me, but for those of us who like Cumbercubes, (Lainey: what in all of f-ck is a Cumbercube?!) isn’t this his best styling option? Oh that he always had these windswept curls and a dramatic coat. Although I am also a fan of his dramatic Doctor Strange cape.

Martin Freeman is also present as John Watson, joined by his real-life partner, Amanda Abbington, as Watson’s wife, Mary. And they have a baby and Sherlock got a dog. Everyone is growing up! (Steadfastly ignoring The Batch’s tragic hairline.) There’s a rumor that something bad might happen to Mary in this series—Watson is canonically a widower—which means Sherlock series four could be a “two men and a baby” situation. Would watch. Sherlock series four isn’t expected to debut until 2017. It’s always SUCH a wait for this show.