Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on VH1 this morning to promote the second series of Sherlock premiering in the US on PBS on Sunday. (You can buy them all on iTunes.) This is for all you horny Cumby fans including Sarah from Cinesnark who’s really into his voice. He does have a good voice. I close my eyes.

Each episode of Sherlock is 90 minutes; they call it a “mini-movie” and I love this - how in the UK they’re not bound by rigid programming schedules and make shorter, high production level shows. They also deal with limited budgets. So you could then argue, prosaically, that is indeed “quality over quantity”. That said, they invented Big Brother.

Most of the chatter for this year’s opening Sherlock will likely focus on the introduction of the Irene Adler character as his romantic adversary. Sort of. I like Sherlock ok; I’ll watch it but not hungrily, I don’t miss it when it’s over, and I certainly don’t share in the vaginal attachment of its most vocal female audience. Sherlock the character is narcissistic and self-involved. Which is fine but that also applies to the show. It’s a show that’s in love with itself. I feel like when I’m watching I’m also expected to suck Sherlock off. Otherwise, woman, I’m just not evolved enough to appreciate.