I’m about to compliment Benedict Cumberbatch. Twice!

Let’s just list the two compliments back to back:

1.I like his haircut.
2.I like his wedding dress.

Check him out yesterday in London wearing his hair shorter. I like this. A lot. So much better. When you have a name like Benedict Cumberbatch and your hair is the way he used to have it, the poncy ass image is a lot easier to believe. Especially the way he dresses often, in privileged lounge wear.

This though? This hair and the jacket etc? It’s more “of the people”. He could be a computer programmer. He could be a graphic designer. He could be an accountant. I’m not picturing him wearing slippers, with a rifle out his window, shooting at birds before enjoying his morning pipe in the library while collecting rent from all the people who work on his land.


Maison Valentino posted this on Instagram today:

Update: Instagram post was removed

It’s Sophie Hunter in her wedding dress. Gorgeous, right? I love the colour. It’s exactly the right shade of grey-silver no matter the lighting. I love the high collar. I love the cut. I love it so much I’d wear it not pregnant. You’ll never have wedding dress regret with this one. Not just because it’s Valentino but because it’ll never be of just one era. Unlike my wedding dress which basically lived between 2000-2003 and was never heard from again.