The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party is happening tonight in London. Benedict Cumberbatch showed up because he’s arty and English. Sarah from Cinesnark was mad at me a couple of weeks ago after I posted pictures - click here if you missed them - of Bendy’s bare feet at a fashion show. She keeps calling me a Crush Killer. Sorry. But why is he agreeing to take his shoes off and saunter down a runway in a silk robe with a tumbler in his hand?

These are much better.

We’re now 3 weeks away from Emmy nominations and everyone’s been saying that Bendy and Holmes will definitely be called, or risk the wrath of his crazy ass fans. Bendy wants it too. Not desperately, but he wants it. Click here for his interview with Ausiello for Deadline the other day. I’m down with him lobbying for more for support for his show, being proud of his product. I’m not a die-hard Sherlock person myself but I’d rather him cheer for his team than be too cool to play. If only he didn’t go back pedalling about Downton Abbey’s embarrassingly sh-tty second season. Click here if you missed that. Now he says it was all jokes. Where are your balls Bendy? See now Sherlock would have defended that. And won.