THR is reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to play Brian Epstein, the late Beatles manager widely considered to be responsible for taking the band to superstardom, “the man who threw the biggest party of the 1960’s, but ultimately forgot to invite himself”. Epstein overdosed in 1967. He was a raging addict. He was gay but never came out. It’s a challenging, prestigious role, the kind of role poncey B has been waiting for, the kind of role that’s built for awards. And, well, that’s the artistic environment to which Bendy believes he belongs.

Cumberbatch will be directed by Paul McGuigan with whom he works on Sherlock. Tom Hanks is one of the producers. That’s another bonus for Benedict: when Tom Hanks produces, the awards often follow.


How do you think Benedict Cumberbatch is feeling right now?

He doesn’t have time for excitement, you fools! If he was stressed about Star Trek, can you imagine how much pacing and chain smoking and dramatising he’s doing now?

Attached - Cumberbatch with McGuigan’s baby as posted yesterday on McGuigan’s Twitter. Perhaps they were going through strategy about today’s announcement. Or Bendy needed to talk through his feelings.