Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter hit up the Vanity Fair party after the show. And maybe the photographer there asked for a kiss. And maybe Benedict obliged. And decided he would kiss AND close his eyes at the same time. Not a move I generally endorse. This is doesn’t qualify as an exception either.

But they did seem rather tactile last night. In addition to the kiss, there was some temple to temple touching on the carpet. And leaning in to the ear talking. And sometimes when she was looking forward, he’d turn his head and just gaze at her lovingly. At this point I’m actually surprised he didn’t just go for it. You know, the dreaded father belly-cup.

Not that I’m complaining. They just look so much like brother and sister. 

Now that award season is over and there’s time to assess how each player worked the campaign, I wonder how it slipped away for him. Coming out of TIFF, he was supposed to be in it to the end. It’s not like he was behind Eddie Redmayne after Toronto either. With Harvey’s Weinstein’s support too. Now that I think about it though, Harvey seemed, to me at least, a lot less visible this year than he’s been in previous years. Think about how aggressive Harvey was when it came to, say, Colin Firth in The King’s Speech. Not really the same, right?