The Imitation Game opens in theaters next weekend, and in advance of that Cumberbatch is in the US doing some promotion. On Friday that meant showing up at the Hollywood Film Awards and pretending like that’s a real thing (click here for more on that) and this morning it was an interview on Good Morning America. Right off the top he gets asked about his engagement to Sophie Hunter, and in polite terms, he doesn’t answer. I love the face he makes after his one sentence non-answer. It’s like, Okay, you got your question in, now move on. And they do and they talk about Alan Turing.

Cumhards remain unconvinced that this engagement is real. It’s a sham engagement to boost his Oscar chances. Okay, but what happens when the Oscars are over and he’s still engaged? This is what I don’t get about the deniers, of any stripe. I don’t get the #RobstenUnbrokeners, I don’t get the Jeremy Renner fans who still think his marriage is an elaborate ruse, and now I don’t understand the people creating denial narratives around Cumberbatch’s engagement. I don’t get how this is a fun hobby. Celebrity smut is supposed to be fun, right? That’s why we’re all here. To compare notes and talk sh*t in an electrical bathroom during breaks from work. Being a denier seems like a lot of work that’s not particularly rewarding or fun. You know what is fun? Listening to Cumberbatch try to pronounce the word “penguin”.

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