The Hollywood Reporter put Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover a few months ago, declaring him officially part of the A List. Click here to read Sarah’s piece at the time. All signs did indeed point, then, to it being the Year of Cumberbatch, especially since The Fifth Estate was about to screen at TIFF and everyone was already talking Oscar.

But then The Fifth Estate took a giant dump at the box office. The film is now being call “the biggest flop of the year” and while it certainly wasn’t his fault (marketing is mostly to blame), it did prove that Cumberbatch isn’t quite there yet. As Sarah noted, he’s internet famous. But that doesn’t make him a proper movie star. And now JJ Abrams is all like, we shouldn’t have kept it secret, his identity in Star Trek (click here to read Abrams’s comments) and the subtext there is that the tease didn’t merit the name. If, say, Leonardo DiCaprio’s in your movie and you withhold who he’s playing and what his story is, yeah ok, people will care. Benedict Cumberbatch? Hardcore fans, sure. For the rest of us it’s kinda shruggy, non? 

Time to end the year on a more positive then, and without the pressure of having to carry the sh-t on his own shoulders. The Hobbit Smaug (I can’t remember the official name) is Cumberbatch’s 2013 closer. And he’s currently promoting the movie on the talk show circuit. Last night it was Kimmel and a dramatic reading of R Kelly’s Black Panties. This dramatic reading bit is … getting tired, isn’t it? Tired already?