Before we talk about Benedict Cumberbatch, I need to tell you what just happened to me. I was craving chocolate and the craving was too strong to shut down. It was because somehow, through Easter, I managed to not eat a single chocolate egg. It’s like my body was protesting the deprivation. So I started stalking my colleagues for mini-eggs. You know what I discovered? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I DISCOVERED???

Cadbury makes an Oreo-filled chocolate egg.


It just f-cking changed my life. And I’m so mad at myself for being a fake modest c-nt because I only took one. I could have taken at least 3. What the f-ck is wrong with me?

Was this a secret? Actually, no. I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes googling it and apparently it was some big drama because they’ve been available in Canada (WHERE I LIVE) and the UK for at least a year but not in the US and Americans were begging for it

Anyway, this post was not sponsored by Cadbury or Oreo. But it should have been. We can move on to someone decidedly less life-changing.

For a while there it felt like, to me at least, Benedict Cumberbatch was omnipresent. Between 2013 and 2016, it seemed like we were in Peak Cumberbatch, with Sherlock and The Imitation Game and that Julian Assange movie and, of course, Doctor Strange. Cumby has been quieter the last few months though, busy with a new baby and working on the next phase of Peak Cumberbatch. Here he is in London yesterday on a walk through the Cotswolds looking exactly how you would imagine someone would look on a walk through the Cotswolds, except maybe he’s missing a Barbour jacket.

We won’t see Benedict at the movies until the fall in Thor: Ragnarok. He also, however, has a film that’s primed for award season: The Current War, in which he plays Thomas Edison. Sarah wrote about The Current War a few months ago, after Nicholas Hoult was cast as Tesla, and she grumbled about the fact that the film should really be about Tesla but is instead about the patent battle between Edison and Westinghouse. And she’s definitely right about the fact that Tesla deserves a lot more shine. After all, we all knew about Edison by the time we were in middle school. And a lot of people only know Tesla now because it’s a car.

Edison was, in fact, a giant prick. Basically a f-cking asshole. But he was also a very savvy manipulator, self-marketer, and, perhaps, one of the godfathers of modern famewhoring. If Thomas Edison were alive today, he’d fit in perfectly in Hollywood. Which, perhaps, is why he’s getting the Hollywood treatment. This is the shot of Benedict as Edison that they released in January:

Is it just me or does this look like Benedict Cumberbatch in any Benedict Cumberbatch movie? Please let me know if you’ve tried an Oreo-filled egg and if you have, what you think of it.