Last time we saw him – click here – he was decidedly Elvis, the later years. Last night at the AFI tribute to Michael Douglas, MUCH much better. Benicio must be shooting soon.

The lady he’s with is called Laura Bickford. He’s been with her often on carpets lately. Apparently she’s a producer. Assuming she’s enjoying the rewards of being in his company…in public and private? Benicio, um, supposedly can be very, VERY generous equatorially south.

And Shia too?

The lovely Yolanda sent me the link to a site I’d never heard of before. Tales from a Groupie. WARNING: it’s not for the prudish. I repeat: NOT FOR THE PRUDISH.

Also not sure how legit the stories are (starf-ckers send in details of their experiences) and of course it reads like soft core fiction but if you ever wondered what it would like to spend a night with LaBeouf, this might satisfy your curiosity. Click here if you dare.

By the way, Aubrey Drake, Rihanna’s rumoured new boyfriend, a Canadian, also has his very own entry. Or entries. Enjoy…but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Once you start, the smutty takes over and you can’t stop.

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