I might not be completely objective here. Because, as you can see, Scarlett Johansson is on my Five List. Talking to her and watching her at TIFF, even more so. She might even be bumped up to #1. In person right now? Scarjo is...it's sick how hot she is. SICK.

Sasha and I worked that carpet together. The dress, Vivienne Westwood, in person is spectacular. The corseting is amazing. The way the beading catches the light, particularly its colour, is gorgeous. The way she worked it -- crazy.

You know what she is? And I haaaate this word. But it's the word that comes to mind. Scarjo is...


She's delicious.

I don't give a sh-t what you are -- gay, straight, bi, undeclared -- she will make your mouth water. As Sasha said, "she's a woman's woman". (Except maybe she might not like women...but that's a blind conversation for another day.) On pure sex appeal and aesthetics, this girl is off the chart. Which is why I saved it for the week end declaration -- there were a lot of good dresses and great looks this festival. But none with the visceral impact of Scarjo.