I mean, were you worried, in any way? Did you think maybe there would be a situation where you would have to be concerned for Amy Poehler?

Let me set your mind at ease: there is not.

I admit now that my Twitter pun of “Holy Poehler” is not that cute but I was rather proud of it at the time. She didn’t just show up and look good, she looked spectacular, and she supports a just-developing theory I’m cooking that the older you are, the more chill your hair should look. Take it easy with the updos, ladies.

She pulled off the gag with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in a way that somehow made them both look funny and smart – and that is saying a lot, because gags tend to set my teeth on edge, and I was so resentful of the “yuks” involved in the Jimmy Fallon/Jon Stewart one that I sullenly hoped they both got rug burn.

But Amy is unstoppable, and though we are not trying to make it a competition between her and anyone else she might have been once married to, she killed it last night, between the toy ring her kid asked her to wear and the general hotness of being her (and the fact that everyone knows Parks & Recreation should have won the comedy category). If we were keeping score, she’d be way ahead.  

But judging by the number of people online who are hoping against hope that Poehler and Louis CK are going to hook it up, we’re already well past the collective mourning stage. Which, I suspect, is exactly as Amy would want it.