I received only one text last night opining that Jon Hamm looked a little puffy.  While I concur that he wasn’t in full-on chiseled Don Draper form, I thought he looked fairly good. No matter how many times I look at him, I still suck in my breath a little. He’s beautiful. His partner Jennifer Westfeldt maybe was a little more on the facially-inflated side, but wore a pretty blue dress and reasonable hair. (Sidebar:  Is it an inexplicable “mall-town” blind spot of mine if I mostly always prefer hair down?  Sometimes it looks elegant up, but most of the time I feel like the skinned-back upswept updo just makes women look harsh.)

These two are incredibly consistent. They always show up looking good, they always seem to have all angles of the press line covered, they never get caught unaware that they’re on camera during closeups in the theatre. It’s really a finely-tuned pairing, and it helps things. Unlike some, Jon Hamm would never be caught looking disappointed when he didn’t win something.  Although on second viewing, he did look rather surprised. “Oh really, they went with the ginger, huh? Who knew?”

He does seem to come alive with Tina Fey though. Funny and spontaneous and really not giving a sh*t about half of this stuff – she seems to be a good influence on him. Or maybe it’s just that she’s the only woman in Hollywood who can get away with publicly rolling her eyes in his presence.  Either way, he’s more interesting with her. How do we think he’s going to show up on 30 Rock this year? Because in the final season that has to be a thing, right? It’s starting to be where I enjoy seeing him the most.