But no pressure or anything! Seriously, because I love them.

And maybe I’m a little biased. I broke the story in March that they were dating. And then a few weeks later, they were photographed together. And then they just stopped trying to hide it. Instead, there were family outings with Matilda, and dates in Los Angeles, and even some handholding in public, and declarations of love on Twitter (him).

Most celebrity couples are polarising. I love Brange, some of you hate Brange. I think the Afflecks are beige, some of you are all over their “realness”. I’m into Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, you perhaps prefer the dumpster diving attention-hating movements of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Fine.

Michelle and Jason though, I mean, these two are universally adored, right?

How can you hate Michelle and Jason? And the best part? They don’t have a moniker!