There were several peplums represented last night.  To me Amy Poehler wore hers best. She looked the most comfortable. And really, really confident. No clunky accessories around her neck, nothing extra about the hair, although, God, I really wish they’d let it die, that skirt feathering from 2006. In this case it adds no value.

Aaaaand then there’s Mary Katrantzou. Fashion people are all up in Mary Katrantzou and, well, as I said in February during London Fashion Week, I think Mary Katrantzou is fashion Try. This is a lot of fashion Try. Poor Elizabeth Banks got caught up in a designer’s ambition. Her dress doesn’t prioritise the wearer. It offers nothing, not even comfort, for the wearer. This dress’s only purpose is to mash together 500 ideas so as to be noticed at the EXPENSE of the wearer. Who appears to be walking around offering refreshments from a protruding tray around her stomach.